6 Tricks That Work to Speed Up Your Exam Preparation

6 tricks that work to speed up your exam preparation – Often, students start preparing for exams on the last night. At this point, various tips and signs for good luck come into play – from the spellbook spell to eating chocolate before the exam. But such methods do not increase the chances of a good grade at all.

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If you expect to learn only some of the topics overnight and want to prepare well for the exam, then this note will be useful for you. We have prepared effective techniques with which you can successfully pass the exams.

1. Determine your type of perception of information

Each person perceives information differently: it is easier for someone to read the text to understand the meaning better than to listen or write it down. Determine what suits you best. It can be two ways at once, for example, reading a chapter and writing down the main idea.

You can also start with difficult questions so that you can concentrate on them as much as possible while there is enough time.

2. Push off the subject

It is important to take into account not only your characteristics but also the type of subject in which you have to take the exam.

If it is a humanities subject, then you will need to work with a large amount of information. If these are exact sciences (mathematics, chemistry), then practice will take more time than memorizing theory.

It is worth considering the format of the exam. For example, if you have an oral exam, then be sure to say the answers out loud. If there is testing, then focus on solving a large number of tests.

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3. Learn and repeat

Set aside two days to study the questions and one day to review. So you will fix the new material in your head for a long time, and it will be easier to remember the necessary information during the exam.

4. Make a topic study plan

Studying one topic can take several days if you delve into all the subtleties. Therefore, make a clear plan for how much time you will devote to each issue.

If you feel you’re sitting on a question for too long, skip it and move on to the next one. Come back to this question in the morning with a fresh head.

Try to structure information in large topics and highlight the main thing so the information will be perceived much better.

5. Make a response template

Even the biggest topic can be described in three sentences. Make yourself a cheat sheet, and write short answers to each question. Sentences should convey only the main essence and evoke associations that will help you remember a detailed answer and pass the exam perfectly.

6. Get enough sleep and eat right

Sleepless nights and quick snacks will only worsen the quality of the information you remember. It only seems that you can learn more a whole day and night, but as a result, a tired brain will perceive information much worse, and new data will remain only in short-term memory.

Take the free memory test right now to find out how well and easily you can remember new information, which means you can prepare well for exams.

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