How To Get Smarter In 11 Moves

How to get smarter in 11 moves – Conventionally, intelligence is perceived as a unique quality closely associated with cognitive and linguistic abilities. However, experts have shown that this is a far more complex concept. To become smarter, you have to work on various skills.

how to get smarter
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Intelligence could be defined as the ability to know how to juggle the surrounding environment. The most intelligent people are equipped with the necessary elasticity to adapt to changes and respond to the demands of their environment.

Strategies for getting smarter

1. Get enough sleep

Sleeping well is essential for reworking information. Furthermore, our mental energies are recharged, and we work subconsciously to find solutions to issues that worry us. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure sufficient hours of sleep and quality rest.

2. Take care of your body

For sure, you already know that nutrition and physical activity play an essential role in health, but did you also know that they can help you become smarter?

On the other hand, physical activity has proven helpful in enhancing cognitive abilities. It improves blood flow, therefore, the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain. Therefore, it is advisable to do moderate physical activity regularly.

3. Train your brain

Like muscles, the brain also needs training and practice to not atrophy. To become smarter, it is essential to take on new challenges that test cognitive skills.

Spend ten minutes daily in activities such as puzzles, sudokus, or rebus.

4. Develop a greater understanding

Usually, at school, children are evaluated based on their performance in a given task. Yet, the information gained quickly vanishes from the mind without a deep understanding.
To become smarter, one must lean towards meaningful learning.

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5. Take notes and reread to get smarter

Active learning helps in acquiring knowledge. Secondly, it gives the possibility to review the information at a later time to refresh the memory.

6. Do something different every day

Precisely for this reason, it is highly recommended to introduce small changes to daily life to keep the attention alive.

For example, choose a different route each day to get to work, connect with other groups of friends, or try out different classes that might interest you.

7. Read every day to get smarter

Reading improves language skills and creativity. Likewise, it is ideal for addressing many topics of our interest, thus stimulating curiosity and open-mindedness.

8. Write a personal diary

Once we start feeding the mind with new information and habits, we will notice that it starts to activate. We will therefore feel more creative and discover that we have many new and original ideas.

9. Doing things differently than usual

Trying new activities or changing our routines can help us become smarter.
Once we have an effective way to do something, we tend to stop exploring that field and keep repeating the steps we already know. Why change something that works?

10. Talk to yourself and ask yourself questions

Do you think that talking to yourself is a symptom of madness? Nothing could be wrong: this is one of the healthiest exercises to help us become smarter.

When we expose concerns, thoughts, and emotions aloud, we are only processing them on a deeper level, activating new solution strategies.

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11. Learn another language

Finally, learning another language is helpful in greatly expanding one’s cognitive skills. Bilingualism improves verbal fluency, strengthens attention and concentration, and improves memory.

How to get smarter?

Comfort and routine are the worst enemies of brain plasticity. Remember that intelligence is not just a vote written on paper; it is our best ally to face reality successfully. Without a doubt, it is worth working on.

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