11 Exciting Apps to Earn Money Easily

Apps to Earn Money

11 exciting apps to earn money easily – Whether on the go or at home on the couch on your smartphone – earning money with apps is one of the most exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to build up a small side income. We have tested 18 apps, and in this article, we will show you which apps you can really use to earn money.

Make money with survey apps

1. Swagbucks paid surveys

The main source of income at Swagbucks is paid surveys. You can also use the app to work as a mystery shopper, receive cashback for your purchases, watch paid videos, test games or get money for testing new products and giving feedback. These tasks are paid for in cash or with gift cards/vouchers. A payout is possible from 500 Swagbucks / points (approx. 5 dollars) – you should be able to achieve this within a few days.
Android | iOS

2. Mobrog

You can take part in paid surveys via the Mobrog app and earn up to 3 dollars per participation. Simply download the app, enter information about yourself and your interests in your profile, and take part in surveys regularly. The potential is a bit lower than Swagbucks, but you can try it.
Android | iOS

3. Google survey app

With the Google survey app, you will always receive survey invitations from a reputable provider known around the world. According to our tests, the invitations come about once a week and bring you between 10 and 40 cents on average. According to the provider, up to 80 cents are possible – the remuneration depends on the length of the survey.
Android | iOS

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Make money with micro job apps

4. Streetspotr

With Streetspotr, you get to know your city even better and earn money by doing small jobs. From mystery shopping to photographing sights to completing voluntary work, everything is included. You can complete some jobs on the go and others from the couch – but you never need more than your smartphone. Unfortunately, micro jobs are not really lucrative. You often need several hours for 10 to 15 dollars.
Android | iOS

5. Swagbucks

We have already mentioned the provider Swagbucks in the survey apps. But he also offers a cashback service where you can save a few dollars when shopping in shops like eBay and Simply use the app before shopping, and you’ll be accumulating money in your account.
Android | iOS

Earn money with photos

6. Shutterstock Contributor

Earning money with cell phone photos sounds like a dream to you. Shutterstock makes it come true for you. Photographers and content creators simply upload their best photos and earn when they sell. How much you can earn depends on your skills and the right choice of images.
Android | iOS

7. EyeEM

EyeEM lets you upload your best mobile phone photos and videos and sell them on some of the most popular graphic file marketplaces around the world. Again, your earnings depend on your skills and correct placement.
Android | iOS

Earn money with flea market apps

8. Vinted

Vinted is all about used clothing. Clear out your closet and earn money with the clothes you no longer need. Of course, the earning potential varies depending on the article.
Android | iOS

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9. eBay

eBay is probably still the most popular marketplace for used items – from vehicles to fashion and electronics. Here you sell items that you no longer need yourself and still make good money with them.
Android | iOS


10. BlaBlaCar

Save fuel costs and act sustainably – that’s possible with BlaBlaCar. If you do a longer commute or even just a daily commute within your city by yourself, you can offer them as ridesharing opportunities for other people. In return, you get an amount that you specify from the passenger – and you both act sustainably since now, instead of two cars, only one is on the way for the same route.
Android | iOS

11. Cash Quizz Rewards

In the Cash Quizz Rewards app, you duel with friends or random players in gripping quiz rounds on your mobile phone and have the opportunity to win up to 50 dollars per day. Admittedly, this is almost exclusively about having fun than making money.
Android | iOS

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can you make with apps?

How much money you can earn with apps depends on the respective platforms and what they offer. In the description of the individual providers, we have tried to give you an approximate picture of the earning potential. You probably won’t get rich with the abovementioned apps, but you can build a decent side income. And thanks to the wide range of offers, there is something for (almost) everyone, which, in addition to the opportunity to earn money, is also fun.

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