Earn Money on The Internet and Get Rich Quickly – Is That Possible?

Earn money on the Internet and get rich quickly – Earn a lot of money online and no longer have to work days or less: That is the dream of many people.

earn money on the internet
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Countless articles by self-proclaimed gurus and experts are circulating on the Internet. And everyone thinks they know the answer to the question, “How do you make money online quickly and easily?”.

But what works? Are these tips and tricks for making money on the Internet just lies and deceit, or is there a grain of truth in some fairy tales?

Make money on the Internet – who doesn’t want that?

With this note, you will learn how to create your website with the right online marketing tricks to create a small passive income. This guide will teach you how and what works to earn money on the Internet.

Tips and instructions are included. Do not trust the promises of so-called “gurus,” but learn for yourself what works best for you to earn money from home!

One method of making money from home is by buying stocks, day trading, or trading other securities. To do this, you look for a reputable and competent provider on the Internet and first open a demo account.

Important: It is best to sign up for a free demo account first and get to know online trading better. You can find tips and advice on day trading or buying shares linked above in the text.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, or Litecoins are currently also in vogue, and prices are rising steadily. You can also earn good money with the purchase and sale of coins.

Here are three popular tips on making quick money online and securing a handy side income by working from home.

1. Make money through Amazon

One of the most popular methods to earn money on the internet is to sell products on Amazon. Generally, the sale of products via third-party providers is on an unprecedented upward trend. Who wouldn’t want to get money for practically anything by passively selling someone else’s items?

This involves creating a website or building an email distribution list for newsletter marketing and then sending links to a product on Amazon.

For each sale completed via the link sent or provided (affiliate link), mal receives a commission as a publisher/partner. This commission can vary from a few euros to double-digit amounts per product.

To generate such a range that the number of sales (sales) is correspondingly high, to then be able to lie back and relax, you need either expertise and patience or the necessary change.

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However, basic knowledge does not hurt to save money when purchasing a range through online advertising on social media or other platforms.

Suppose you don’t get involved with the organic reach but want to speed everything up with the money. In that case, you should be careful that you don’t end up paying more for a sale of advertising than you get commissioned.


The effort for the lucrative sale of third-party products via Amazon and Co. is usually very tedious, and you should be patient enough to generate organic reach so as not to suffocate with advertising costs. Money is not earned on the Internet for free.

So if you don’t have the necessary knowledge in search engine marketing or similar, you should first acquire this.

2. Earn money with football & sports betting

You can make a lot of money very quickly with online betting these days. The advantage: There are no taxes for the player.

Register with a sports betting provider such as to place your bets, deposit a few euros, and you’re good to go. Depending on the type of bet, you receive a bonus worth up to 1,000 euros.

It is essential not just to bet without prior knowledge but to find out the chances of winning a football team or a tennis pro, for example. So you can collect a good profit and make money with little risk.

In addition, this provider also offers the opportunity to play roulette, poker, and other games of chance at an online casino.

To find out about odds and systems in the online casino, you can find out in ebooks.

You can easily register with a reputable provider and even receive a betting credit bonus for your first games!

Sports betting providers make it possible to register as a partner and thus receive commissions for each player referred. So you only earn money if you get another internet user to register on the sports betting site via your affiliate link and then bet.

Here, too, you can choose several methods to reach potential players. You either create your website, set up an email distribution list, or use social media services.

According to the terms and conditions, it is forbidden to register family and friends directly via this link and thus collect money. Previous knowledge of online marketing is also required here.

Another way to earn money is to acquire another partner and thus also earn money for each player that this partner mediates. You can also set up several sub-partners and have them generate online sales for you.

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Sports betting is still a very lucrative business for making money on the Internet. But as with all methods: You don’t get money for free. You have to have the necessary specialist knowledge and know-how and be patient.

3. Write texts and earn money

Online copywriters are always in high demand. Texts are essential for almost all successful websites and online projects. And last but not least, it to be easily found on search engines such as Google.

As a copywriter, you can earn money on the Internet. In this case, however, one no longer speaks of passive income – here, one has to do something active to receive one’s euros.

Textbroker, for example, is one of the most well-known copywriter affiliate programs on the Internet. Here, companies or website operators (usually) set their requirements for texts.

Registered authors can choose from several sections and categories, write the readers according to the required specifications and earn money. The more you write and the better you are rated, the more money you can ask or make per word.

This way of making money online is not wrong, especially for students. If you have time and invest two to three hours a day in Textbroker, you can get an average of 30 to 40 euros (or more). With a 5-day week, you can easily earn upwards of 800 euros a month. But, as I said, this method is by no means free.


Writing texts online is one of the most honest ways to earn money. Although it doesn’t scale immeasurably, it is an excellent way to actively make a small extra income on the Internet.

Working from home – earning money from home as a part-time job

People choose to work from home for a variety of reasons. It is impossible to pursue a permanent job due to family or studies, or the convenience of working from home is simply preferred. It is not uncommon for physical disabilities to be why an ordinary job is not an option.

Due to the often free time management, homeworkers can decide when and how long they want to work. Homework is sought, but not all tempting offers are serious.

Earn money quickly from home and get rich – is that possible?

That is probably the dream of every human being: to earn quick money and thus become rich on the Internet with little effort. But is that possible?

One thing is sure: you should approach the matter with common sense and the necessary skepticism. If it were that easy, there would only be millionaires left in this world.

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Working from home as a side job

Of course, working from home can also be considered a part-time job, i.e., as an additional income in addition to your primary job. Today, working from home is mainly done via the Internet.

The first thing to do here is to find a suitable job. A problematic search at first, which also harbors some dangers – because many dubious providers on the Internet advertise with financial miracles and ultimately offer no benefit. It should be avoided in front of employers when advance payment is to be made.

We also advise against those employers who, for example, must buy certain parts to then be able to do the actual work. As a rule, only the employer earns here. Hopes are raised for the employees, but in the end, the initial expenditure is hardly ever worth it, and their own money is gone.

Require absolute transparency

First and foremost, there must be complete transparency between employer and employee. The employee must be able to manage his or her own time and determine the workplace. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the billing consists of hourly or daily rates or flat-rate activity rates.

The employee saves social security and insurance costs if a job is accepted as a freelancer. At the same time, it is possible to accept several jobs. As a result, the employee remains independent of the employer – a decisive advantage when working from home.

Working from home – what else is possible?

One activity that can be done from the comfort of your own home is participating in various surveys. Companies lead, e.g., For example, they regularly conduct surveys about their products to be able to make corresponding forecasts.

To get these results, you pay anonymous users on the Internet for their opinions and assessments. First, the respondent usually receives virtual points, which can be transferred to real money from a certain amount.

The amount of money can then be paid out to your account. However, no financial miracle should be expected here. It takes a lot of surveys to get a worthwhile amount.

A much better option is to Copywrite for businesses from home. Texts are needed repeatedly – be it for the company’s website or to improve the ranking in various search engines.

The employee is often paid per word or text. It is also common for every copywriter to initially submit a sample text used to evaluate it. The better the rating, the more money they receive per word or text.

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