How to Get Rid of Acne Fast: 9 Proven Ways

How to get rid of acne fast – Unfortunately, a pimple needs time to mature and disappear, so it won’t be possible to remove it in a couple of hours. But the process can be accelerated. For this, such means are suitable.

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Below are some ways you can do:

Some ways you can do to get rid of acne

1. Benzoyl peroxide product

The best way to quickly get a pimple is to apply a topical benzoyl peroxide product, such as a gel or cream. The concentration can be 2.5, 5, or 10%. This substance kills bacteria, exfoliates the skin, reduces the amount of sebum, and dissolves blackheads.

Therefore, it is suitable for both SOS help and regular care. This does not mean that the abscess will dissolve in 10 minutes, but things will definitely go faster.

But be careful with applying in the same place – you can dry out the skin. Therefore, if somewhere acne appears especially often, it is better to choose a drug with a lower concentration.

2. Tea tree oil

It is an essential anti-inflammatory oil when applied directly to a pimple, but some people are allergic to it. Therefore, if you want to try this method, it is better to practice in advance and not before some important event – an allergic reaction will attract more attention than acne.

Also, do not smear oil on damaged skin so as not to provoke irritation – contact dermatitis.

3. Zinc talker

This is a cheap remedy that inflammations and kills bacteria. The main component is zinc oxide. It does not dissolve, so be sure to shake the mixture before use – hence the name.

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Sometimes it contains other substances, such as antibiotics, which also kill not only bacteria but also have an anti-inflammatory effect. This solution is applied pointwise with a cotton swab, after which the liquid dries up, and a powder remains on the pimple, which can even be left overnight.

What will help make a pimple less noticeable?

If the methods suggested above did not help as much as we would like, then it is better to focus on masking than on further experiments. At least the result can be predicted. Try these tips:

1. Ice

It will not help to remove the abscess in any way, but the cooling effect is still small. If you apply a cloth-wrapped ice cube to the inflammation, the redness and swelling may temporarily decrease slightly.

2. Makeup

A corrector and skilful hands can make a pimple much less noticeable. This is not the best way, but sometimes there is no other way. Do not use the same brush as usual. Apply the product with a cotton swab to avoid unwanted microorganisms in the vial.

Another option to hide a pimple is to turn it into a mole with an eyebrow pencil. Covering up an abscess, of course, is not very useful, but definitely better than picking.

What is unlikely to help get rid of acne?

What they just do not offer to apply to inflammation. It is a pity that, at best, the method will be ineffective, and at worst, it will spoil the skin even more.

1. Toothpaste

Although toothpaste may contain substances that fight germs and dry out the skin, a remedy is not needed. From it, the skin will only become more irritated, and the pimple will not go anywhere.

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2. Warm Towel

A warm towel can give the feeling that irritated skin is soothing. But in warm acne: there are more microbes, and inflammation intensifies. High fever and pus are incompatible, so it’s better not to.

3. Extrusion

In one case, it will turn out to carefully pull out the contents, and the pimple will pass, and in the remaining five, it will smash half of the face. Even clean, treated hands and special devices like a takeaway spoon or loop do not guarantee that the inflammation is stronger. In addition, after unsuccessful home cleaning, scars may remain.

4. Aspirin tablet

If you crush a tablet of acetylsalicylic acid, dilute it with water and apply it pointwise to a pimple, then it definitely will not go away. While salicylic acid is thought to help with acne, dermatologists use it as a topical treatment.

Many doctors say that it only dries and does not really help get rid of inflammation. At the same time, it cannot be called useless – it perfectly exfoliates the skin and fights black dots, so it is in care cosmetics.

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