How To Train a Havanese Dog

How to train a Havanese dog – Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and breeds. Some are big, small, and some are medium-sized. Some are super hyper, and some are really laid back.

a havanese dog
Image by Pixabay

The facts on Havanese dogs show that they are quite unique to most other breeds. These small, furry dogs are very smart, very playful, and very loyal, and they are said to be native to Cuba.

The fact that they are originally from this part of the world is the reason why their coat is the way it is. They look furry, but in reality, their coat is quite light and also very soft.

It has an almost silky feel to it, and this was because of their development in Cuba. Cuba has a tropical climate that made the Havanese dog’s coats like this when they first came there.

How to train a Havanese Dog

If you decide on a Havanese dog to bring home to the family, you are going to want to teach it proper manners. Training a Havanese puppy is not that much different than training any other breed of dog.

It is very important to remain patient when trying to teach your dog new tricks like catching a ball, playing fetch, sitting and shaking, and housebreaking

These dogs, like most others, don’t respond well to being yelled at, and chances are that the dog will respond in the opposite way you intended if you yell at it.

Treating it with respect will yield much better results, and using praise in the forms of petting, verbal praise, and treats will get your dog to do what you want it to do and behave in the way you want it to behave.

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This particular type of pet is very intelligent, so as long as you are persistent and consistent in your training methods, you should not have much of a problem. Your Havanese puppy should be well-trained and behave in no time at all.

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