Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Reception

Planning wedding reception – A wedding reception is often the highlight of a wedding. A great way for the newlyweds to gather with their friends and family for the first time as a married couple.

planning wedding reception
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A lot of thought is put into the wedding reception, as it tends to set the tone of the entire wedding. Because in traditional wedding ceremonies, there is not a lot of room for much creativity or personalization, the wedding reception is used as a way for the couple to express the fusion of their tastes and personalities.

Another reason the wedding reception should be carefully planned is that although it’s a celebration of the couple’s marriage, it is also a thank you to everyone who has attended.


Before you start planning your wedding reception, you should also have a theme in mind. There are thousands of resources- books, websites, wedding planning organizations, and suggestions from friends, that you can turn to to help uncover your theme.

Once you have a theme, it will make planning for the wedding a lot easier because you can connect every choice you have to make to your first central theme. Popular themes are beaches, black ties, and Arabian nights.

Once you choose your theme, you should move on to choosing a location. When choosing a wedding venue, consider your price, size, and mood of the space.


If you are getting married in a big city like Dallas, Austin, or Houston, there will be more tools and locations for you to choose from. Wedding planners who are organizing Houston wedding receptions tend to focus on ceremony sites, dance instruction, live music, and food.

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The receiving line is a popular tradition in western society in which the wedding party greets every guest in a long line. While this is done out of respect for the guests and traditions, there are other ways you can be sure you properly greet your guests.

One is for the bride and groom to circle the room before dinner, visiting every table. No matter how you plan to do it, greeting guests is a crucial aspect of any wedding reception.

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