5 Tips to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

Tips to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral – Instagram reels have been the social media trend since 2021. Instagram copied the reel format from the popular social media platform TikTok, and reels are now the most popular format on Instagram.

tips to make instagram reels go viral
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With good reason, because the algorithm plays short videos according to user preferences. Therefore, you will always see those reels that really appeal to you or are based on your interests. A high reach is within reach, thanks to the reel format. In order for your reel to go viral, however, a few points must be observed.

1. Pay attention to the beat of the music

Reels live from the accompanying audio. Or have you ever seen a reel with no sound? – Probably not. Whether songs by world-famous artists or funny audio from TV shows – reels need audio as a basis so that it goes down well with the audience.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you cut your reel to the beat of the music or match the audio. So choose your desired audio track, go to “Use audio,” and edit your reel directly in the Instagram app. This makes it much easier for you to keep the beat because you always hear the music in the background.

2. Hashtags

As in normal feed posts, you should also use hashtags sensibly in the caption of your reels. You can insert 30 different hashtags under your reel. Are you wondering what advantages this brings?

Your chosen hashtags help the Instagram Reels algorithm to recognize what your reel is about and what topic or area of ​​interest you are addressing with your video. By analyzing the hashtags, the algorithm knows who to broadcast your short video to so that it goes down well with the viewers.

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3. Text in the video

Our attention span is incredibly short in everyday life and especially on social media. There are so many impressions that it quickly leads to sensory overload, and we keep swiping through all the content. Therefore, it is important that you grab the attention of your viewers.

So unless you have a video of a skydive or a world-famous celebrity to offer, use text in the video to make it stand out. On the one hand, this gives the viewers something to do, and they are not immediately tempted to continue swiping.

On the other hand, a short text at the beginning of your video introduces the reel and thus possibly catches the attention of your audience.

4. Follow the trends

The most important point when it comes to reels: trends, trends, trends! How do you recognize an Instagram Reel trend? You can see a trend when the same audio is used by many different people in a similar context.

Trends also mean that this type of video, or that particular audio, resonates well with the audience. That means a higher chance of a high range.

Also important to mention: Trends go just as quickly as they came. What was still very trendy last week is already forgotten today. Therefore, always respond to current trends and do not wait too long.

5. Reel concept

When creating reels, it is also essential that you always keep an overview. Therefore, it is important that you proceed in a structured manner and note down all the steps, props, audio, etc. So that you know exactly what to do before and after the shoot, ideally, you should use a shortlist for this.

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