How To Get Rid of Internet Addiction

How to get rid of internet addiction – Now, it isn’t easy to find a person, especially a teenager, who does not know about the Internet. Guys between the ages of about 12 and 17 are usually some of its most active users.

internet addiction
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It is clear why it is so popular – here you can chat with friends and meet new people, play interesting games, and have a convenient quick search for the necessary information. But the virtual space is not as safe for our psyche as it seems.

Unfortunately, some people develop internet addiction over time. They literally cannot live for a minute without their beloved phone and computer if they have to spend some time without him.

In that case, their mood deteriorates, and irritability and even aggressiveness towards other people appear, for example, against their parents, who forbid going online because the child is already there too often and for a long time.

Types Of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction destroys a person’s life and deprives him of his future. There are several types of it. Here are some of them:

  • Gambling addiction is an excessive passion for online games. They are made in such a way that players must constantly move to new levels of the game, overcoming various obstacles and receiving privileges and bonuses for this. When at some point, you manage to climb a step higher, you get great pleasure from it and are ready to do anything to experience such sensations again. Therefore, the computer world is so attractive and addictive like a swamp;
  • A huge need for virtual communication – when more and more new acquaintances are made with different people, there is an obsessive desire to correspond with at least someone in chat rooms, on forums;
  • Aimlessly wandering around various sites for no particular reason. You read something there. Then you look at something. It seems that you received the information, but for what it is needed and what is its use – you yourself do not know. But it is impossible to stop in an incomprehensible search.
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Signs Of Internet Addiction

For a teenager, whom the Network tenaciously holds in its greedy paws, the following signs in his behaviour are characteristic:

  • He abruptly ceased to be interested in those things that he was fond of before in real life. For example, he played sports, collected stamps, or painted pictures. Now his religion is the computer, which he worships almost like a sacred deity;
  • He practically does not communicate with friends offline. All his contacts are concentrated in the virtual world. What movies, what outdoor walks, what are you talking about? From the point of view of a person with Internet addiction, sitting at home chained by invisible handcuffs to the monitor is much more pleasant. If you need to go. for example, to a store or school, then every time it happens with great reluctance, sometimes even with scandals with parents. Relations with friends and relatives are also spoiled;
  • He, as a rule, has serious problems with studies due to neglect of it, as well as violations of the usual daily routine – sleep, eating, rest, etc.;
  • His emotions are focused entirely on the Internet and are excessively strong and inadequate for the real situation. Let’s say a mom asks her son to turn off his laptop, which causes him to have a prolonged outburst of rage. He calms down only when he sits down at the computer again.

Causes Of Internet Addiction

As a rule, adolescence is a period when all sorts of changes occur with both the body and the psyche. The mood of a teenager changes a hundred times a day. It can be difficult for him to communicate not only with the opposite sex but also with guys of the same sex because of shyness and self-doubt.

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Much is perceived too sharply, just a little – immediately resentment and tears. It seems that no one understands or loves you.

On the Internet, you can come up with any image for yourself, make many friends, and see yourself and them as tough guys or girls. This is an easy way to boost your self-esteem. But unfortunately, it does not solve the existing problems but only complicates everything.

A person with Internet addiction does not develop but, on the contrary, degrades to the inability to serve himself on his own, earn a living, start a family, etc.

How To Overcome Internet Addiction

What to do and how to help yourself or a friend with Internet addiction? It’s not easy, but you have to fight. After all, at stake is a full life, a happy future, and many interesting things you need to have time to do and see.

It is best to contact a professional psychologist. Don’t let it scare you. Psychological help is needed from time to time for all of us, not just for “psychics,” as some mistakenly think.

A specialist will tell you how to understand the causes of your Internet addiction and teach you how to deal with those problems, because of which you prefer to go online rather than solve them in reality.

Better yet, take care in advance not to become a slave to the Internet but to use it as needed and within reasonable limits. The fact is that the one who already has an addiction does not realize this and takes all attempts to somehow return him to normal life with hostility.

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You can try the following ways to prevent Internet addiction:

  • Control the amount of time spent in the virtual space. For example, go online on certain days of the week, stay there for no more than so many hours, turn off the computer until, for example, 10 pm, etc.;
  • Find alternative ways to spend time – instead of chatting with friends online or watching movies on websites, and all this can be done in reality. And real emotions and feelings cannot be replaced by any surrogate. And, of course, the more time you spend on studying, hobbies, and other interests, the less time is left for the virtual world;
  • Again, seek help from psychologists who will support you and teach you how to solve various difficulties. Or to any adult person you trust and want only the best for you.

Of course, today, it is impossible to exist without the Internet. But it is important to use modern technologies for your own good and not to your detriment.

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